Quality Policy

Quality and Product Safety Policy We, as Armasan, commit that to follow technologic developments, to give enough importance to education in order to keep our stuff informed, to proceed hygenic environment for every process, to make production according to international regulations like ISO9001:2008, ISO22000 and BRC.

Hygen Policy
We always take care of our footprint and chemical and biologic product safety. All necessary control are being made regularly.

Clothes Policy
It’s strictly forbidden to enter into factory without work clothes and bone. The stuff who works in factory can’t wear jewelry. The work clothes always should be clean. The cleaning is being controlled by ourselves according to regulations.

Smoking and Eating Policy
It’s forbidden to smoke and eat outside of the determined areas. Everybody should follow these rules.

Production Area Entrance Policy
Everybody who enters to factory to wear special work clothes and bone. Therefore they should fill Factory Entrance Checklist.

Impurity Policy
In order to avoid physical spreading it’s forbidden to us glass, breakable plastics, wood and wire. Exist glass and breakable plastic materials have been protected by metal equipments.

Health Control Policy
Health controls of the stuff is being made regularly. The stuff has contagious illness will be removed from the production area.